Living Dead In Dallas by Charlaine Harris Book Review

Sookie is horrified to find a cook of the bar shoved into Andy’s car. As if that isn’t bad enough, she gets attacked by a paranormal on her way to see Eric to discuss a matter. Trying to figure out if these are related, she finds herself loaned out to vampires in Texas. Sookie must handle the task in Texas so she can get back home to Bon Temps and help with the issue going on there.

I wrote a review on book three first. I stated in that that I’m technically re-reading these books. However, I am beginning to wonder if I ever read these two books. I have no memory whatsoever of them. Well, I mean obviously I do now. Either way, I’m glad I’m reading the series “again”. I remember being obsessed with the series the first time around. I still love the series very much.

I really feel like Sookie was a bit much in this book. She takes offense at every single nice gesture that Bill tries it seems like. I guess I was just raised differently. I get that being seen like a charity case is humiliating, but I feel its insulting to snub people who are offering you a gift as well. You’re basically saying you’re too good for their generosity. Maybe I’m thinking too much into it.

I listened to this book in audiobook. It was narrated by Johanna Parker. It seems the series is narrated by her. I’m not sure about books later in the series. I only got the first three. Either way, I really liked her narration. I’d listen to the entire series if I had the credits to do so honestly. I’m content with reading the rest of the series though.

I really loved this book. I’ve loved the series so far. I wish I could compare how I feel about the book now as opposed to the first time around. I can’t because I have no memory of the first time at all. It is what it is. This probably won’t be my last time reading the series in all honesty. I can’t wait to see where the rest of this series is going to go!

My Rating:

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