Skies Of Olympus by Eliza Raine Book Review

Lyssa is unexpectedly visited by one of the gods. She is requested to join the upcoming tournaments to compete for immortal life. Whoever wins the tournament and their team will be rewarded immortality. If that’s not tempting enough, she’ll have time to go after her father and avenge her mother and brother’s death once and for all.

I was very impressed with how unique this story was. I wanted to just keep reading! It also definitely puts Hercules in a new light for me. I used to be obsessed with anything to do with Hercules as a child. I won’t get into that. We aren’t talking about my childhood. We are talking about a well-written book. This book not only gives an intense read through all the tasks, but the sarcasm and wit were pretty amazing too.

Reviewing this book days after I listened to it has caused me to forget a lot of the names. Lyssa is the main character. She is also the daughter of Hercules. Hercules killed her mother and brother and claimed the god of jealousy made him do it. Instead of being punished, he remained popular and untouchable. Lyssa is rightly upset about it. She’s fierce and loyal and she has an amazing team on her side. She also has somebody who joins her team. They don’t get along, but he seems to be a great asset. If for nothing else but his sarcasm.

This book was narrated by Elizabeth Evans. I haven’t listened to anything else narrated by her as far as I know. I am willing to listen to future books from here. I was very impressed with this book. I’m hoping that she does the rest of the series as well. It wouldn’t be the same if she doesn’t!

The title of this alone kind of gives an idea of what the story is about. However, it is still a very unique tale. I was quite impressed. I thought that I might have been mistaken with my impression until the gods started showing up and being referenced in the story. I loved it and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

My Rating:

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