Club Dead by Charlaine Harris Book Review

Bill has been secretive. Sookie is unsure what to think. She’s annoyed and confused when he tells her he’s going away. She lets it go and goes about her life after he leaves until he turns up missing. The vampires send her to Mississippi to find out what happened to Bill and why? They want to see if she can find out about the secret project he’s been working on.

I’m beginning to think that I never read books 2 and 3 when I first read the books. Either that or I skipped certain parts. I feel like I read both books for the very first time. Maybe it’s possible it feels like the first time because I’m actually reading the series in order. I really enjoy this series. I loved it the first time around. I was sad I never finished it.

I really like Sookie. I admire her set of morals, but there are times she’s just a bit too much. She gets a bit overdramatic at times. In a way, I think it’s a defense mechanism. She’s heard the way others think about her all her life. It has to be unnerving. So hearing similar things to the negative thoughts has to put her in automatic defense mode. It’s just a bit much. I’d like to see more of Pam and Sam in the series.

I wound up having to listen to this book in audiobook due to time constraint issues. It’s narrated by Johanna Parker. Books 1 and 2 are as well. She did a pretty great job. I felt like I was actually in Bon Temps. She made it very authentic. I sincerely felt like I was actually there. I loved it!

Whether I actually read it originally a long time ago or this is the first time I read it, I really did enjoy the read. There have been parts of the series that were confusing me over the years. Re-reading has definitely answered many of those questions. I’m sure even more will be answered as time goes. It’s a great series. I’m glad I’m finally getting to read it in order and complete it!

Dead Until Dark
Living Dead In Dallas

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