Not The End by Gianna Gabriela Book Review

Dimah’s dreams finally come true. The boy she adores asks her to prom. Before she knows it, her dream becomes a nightmare. If that’s not bad enough, she gets constantly humiliated and bullied at school. Rather than stand up for herself and tell the truth, she chooses to fade into the shadows. Until a boy comes into her life and changes everything.

I really felt for Dimah. I can’t explain how much this story hit for me. It hurts me so much that things like this happen and nobody does anything about it. There was a problem I had with this book. A person of authority bought into the gossip and completely went out of line. I’d have liked to have saw something done about that. Maybe it did and I missed it. I don’t want to say too much. While this is a short read, I still feel it’s well worth the read.

I can’t remember the boy’s name, but I wish there were more people like him in the world. The ones that see somebody who’s broken and needs somebody. Somebody who’s willing to help somebody out of the dark hole we find ourselves in and let them know it’s okay and that they aren’t alone. I feel if more people like that exist, things might be different. I related very much to Dimah. I wasn’t bullied, but I was shamed a lot for things I did and things people thought I did and didn’t.

This book was narrated by Amanda Stribling. She did a fantastic job. I knew that she would. She narrated The Kings of Linwood trilogy. She did an amazing job with that as well. I’m shocked she was able to keep her emotion so controlled with this book. It impressed me. I have a feeling it wasn’t too easy behind the scenes. Who knows?

I thought this book was going to be very cringy when I first came across it. I loved the cover though. Also, if I’m being honest, I’m a sucker for happily ever after type books. No matter how goofy they are. It just gives one hope on the world in all honesty. This is heavy. It may be triggering to some. It is very beautifully written. I loved the special part in the end as well. It was encouraging.

My Rating:

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