Instinct by Hanleigh Bradley Book Review

He wants her. He’s been tracking her for weeks. He finds the smell of her blood intoxicating. He wants to drain the life from her. But for some reason, he wants to know her and protect her more. He wants to drain her, but he feels it will be a waste. The thought of wanting to keep her alive confuses him.

This was a decent book. I really did enjoy the read. It was a very short and easy read. I wound up finishing it while playing a game I enjoy. I don’t really have any issues with the book exactly. It just wasn’t something I feel like I could fully gush over either. The only thing I can say is I feel like it would have been a longer book. I feel like there were certain things that needed to be explained better.

I can’t really say I felt a connection to the characters. Then again, I did feel like I could relate a bit to the female lead. She was smart and loves to read. I just felt like I didn’t really get enough time to fully get to know her. That’s why I didn’t feel a connection. There were no real secondary characters. Other people are referenced, but it’s mainly the vampire and the waitress. The vampire was a bit repetitive honestly.

Debbie Soelter narrated this book. She did a decent job, but there were certain parts where she sounded a bit choppy. Other than that, I really enjoyed the narration. The choppy thing may just be me being overly picky. I’m not really sure in all honesty. I would still listen to other books narrated by her. She has a sweet voice.

This is a very short read. It sits at about a hundred pages. Even though I wouldn’t say I was in love with the book, I did like it. It was a nice read. I do recommend it. For those that read it, I’d love to know what book that you feel like the waitress was reading. I have some theories. I’d like to know if others have the same theories as me!

My Rating:

Thank you for reading!

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