Featured Character: Aphrodite LaFont

House of Night is one of my favorite series of all time. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a vampyre series written by a mother-daughter duo. We follow Zoey Redbird after she gets marked as a vampyre. She then moves into a private school where she will spend four years either learning to become a vampyre or her body will reject the change.

I loved this series very much. I’ve read most of the series more than once. I will definitely read it a couple more times in my lifetime. All of the characters have stuck with me. From Zoey Redbird all the way to Damien. They are all sweet, sassy, and/or dedicated. They all have their own unique personalities.

This series produced one of my favorite characters of all time. Aphrodite LaFont. She starts out as a completely unlikable person. I would love to say she fully changes and becomes lovable, but that would be a lie. Her role changes through the book (all I’ll say to prevent spoilers), but she remains the same personality wise.

Despite her attitude problem, she is one of the most authentic characters to ever exist. If she has a problem with someone, they will know it. In a heartbeat. There will never be any backstabbing from her. She has a phrase in the series that I actually still use to this day. I’ll keep from posting it here due to language, but some of you will know exactly what I’m referring to.

She may not be a role model, but she’s real. That’s why I like her so much. I may not be charmed by what she does or says, but I know that if she says she’s going to do something, she’ll do it. If she tells another character to straighten up, she means it. It’s not just to make a person feel like dirt. Well, at least later in the series. I love it! The series wouldn’t have been the same without her!

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