Tom’s Inheritance by T.J. Green Book Review

Tom’s grandfather suddenly goes missing. The only thing that he says is that he’s going on a trip. Nobody thinks anything of it until he doesn’t return. When Tom starts to worry, a mysterious package shows up from his grandfather stating that he won’t be returning. Tom is left with more questions than he had before. He now thinks that his grandfather may be in danger.

While I wished for a bit more with this book, I really enjoyed it. It was very clever and unique. I love how each of the elements are portrayed as worlds in this book. It’s brilliant in my eyes! The only issue I had with the book was that it was too short for me. I say that about a lot of books. I love long stories. They are my preference. I do adore short stories as well.

I really loved the wit and wisdom of all the characters in the book. I love that a few of the characters in the book are one of my favorite paranormal creatures. Fairies! I can’t get enough of them. I was convinced I was a fairy as a child. I’ll leave it at that. The main character was pretty awesome except for a small part of the book where I wanted to smack him. I’m sure we have that issue with a lot of characters we read about.

This book was narrated by Nick Howden-Steenstra. I really enjoyed hearing the accent. I’m not sure if it’s his own accent or one that he uses for narrating. I do know that it’s very soothing. It made an already enjoyable story that much more enjoyable. I have not listened to anything else by this narrator, but I would definitely be willing to!

While this book was too short for my taste, I really did enjoy it. I am looking forward to picking up the rest of the series and seeing what happens from there. It’s unique and intriguing. I should mention that it is a King Author retelling. So to speak. It’s still very impressive. I loved the way they spun it.

My Rating:

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