Anybody Want To Play War? by Tommy B. Smith Book Review

Bryce’s world changes when he’s attacked by a dog that had just got done killing another man. He barely made it out of the ordeal alive. From then, he struggles with facing other people. Including his parents. Not knowing what else to do, he runs away and tries to start a life on his own.

This book needs a LOT of work. The important issue with the book is that some of the descriptions are a bit choppy at best. It’s not too horrible, but it is noticeable. Another thing I noticed was the time gaps that aren’t really fully explained. It also goes back into the past with no warning at all. I had to reread several passages to figure out where I was.

I just couldn’t when any of the characters in this book at all. I empathized with them all for their situations, but their attitudes were not great at all. Starting with the main character. I assumed he was fourteen for the most part of the book. I found out he was actually sixteen. He has such a horrible attitude and no sense of what he’s done wrong. If that isn’t bad enough, nobody actually listens to him which just fuels the fire and provokes him into making more bad decisions than he already made! It’s frustrating! I get that everybody has issues, but this seems to magnify it all.

I have put this book down a lot. That makes me feel bad. I know the author of this book put a lot of work into writing this. I want to say that I feel like it has a lot of great potential. It definitely could use a polish. I also feel like it could be renamed. The name doesn’t exactly make sense with the book itself. I assumed it was about a veteran or an active soldier. This is just my opinion. I encourage everybody who wants to give it a try to go for it.

My Rating:

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