Becoming Human by Samantha Bell Book Review

Mary is a reaper. For fifty years, she performs her duties without complaint. She hates what she does, and she hates humans. She hits her breaking point when she’s expected to start mentoring new reapers. She blows up and terrifies her first charge. As a punishment, she’s made into a human to learn the true extent of human nature. She will remain a human until she’s learned the lesson she’s meant to learn.

I really wanted to love this book. I mean the concept of the plot is absolutely amazing. I loved it. There were just many things I didn’t really care for. One of the biggest issues I had was the fluid way time went by that wasn’t really clarified in some spots. So I got a little lost now and then. I will admit that most of my dislike is because I’m an adult. Some of it was just too juvenile for me. Don’t get me wrong, I understand teenage things. I was a teenager once. It’s hard to explain. I will restate that I loved the concept behind this plot.

My BIGGEST issue is that I really could not stand Mary at all. I will admit that I warmed up to her a little towards the end. It was literally at the very end. There were things that she did through the ENTIRE book that just made me want to yell. It was so frustrating! Then there was the fact that she went from not understanding one second to completely knowing about it in all context another. With no show of her learning or figuring it out. It was very frustrating. That and the fact that she had snide judgmental comments through the entire book!

This book was narrated by Taylor Barton. I really enjoyed her narration. She did an amazing job. I especially love her depiction of each and every character. She took the time to give every one of them a voice behind their personality. I know this is a given with narration, but it’s not always done properly. I love when narrators nail it as fully as she did.

I was not in love with this book. It was mainly because of my complete dislike of the main character. I will admit that most of the reason I didn’t care for this book was personal. I fully encourage anybody who is interested to give it a shot anyway. While I may not have fully enjoyed it, somebody else may fall in love with it. I fully respect their opinion.

My Rating:

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4 thoughts on “Becoming Human by Samantha Bell Book Review

  1. The synopsis of this story really does sound amazing! It’s a shame about the main character having some undesirable traits and habits throughout the entire book. I prefer the gradual arc where they slowly change for the better. Great review Willow! 🙂


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