Ice On Fire by Amy Cecil Book Review


Ice has been given an ultimatum. Kill himself or watch everybody he loves die. He agrees to the plan not giving away he has the upper hand. After taking the person down, he goes into hiding until he can make sure that his loved ones aren’t going to be in further danger than they already have been.

I was on edge waiting for this one. The last book ended on an intense cliff hanger. And it just so happens that this one ends on a cliffhanger too. I’m already into the story! I don’t need more of a reason to be into it! It’s infuriating! I believe this is the third book that I’ve read by this author. She’s incredibly talented. I can honestly say that she will be placed on my instant buy list.

It’s amazing how much I admire all the characters in this book. I can’t really say I relate to any of them. I do adore them, though. I do wish there was more interaction and dialogue in this series. I also wish that certain scenes and scenarios would be played out a bit more. I wouldn’t complain if these books were super long!

I’m a bit disappointed with the narration in this book. Both Mark and Maya Bravo narrated the first book as well. I didn’t have any problem with that one. I didn’t really have a BIG problem with this one. There were just a few sections where they didn’t really sound like they were putting their all into the story. I really think I’m just being picky here, but it did take away from the story a bit for me.

I loved the first book in this series which made me crave getting my hands on this book. It also made me completely devour the book in one sitting. I was excited for it. It shouldn’t have really come as a shock to me that it ended the way it did! I need more! I crave more! This is probably not healthy.

ICE $0.99

My Rating:

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6 thoughts on “Ice On Fire by Amy Cecil Book Review

  1. Awesome review Willow. I haven’t read this author but have been in the mood for a series that can whisk me away and keep me infatuated. This sounds like exactly what I’m after. I’m going to check it out 😀

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