Facing The Fire by Carol Beth Anderson Book Review

The Grays have taken over. Despite all the efforts from the Golds, they managed to overtake the government and change the system entirely. The Golds are now in danger. They are wanted for many different supposed crimes to the new King and Queen. They must stay hidden and find a successful way to shut they Grays down once and for all.

I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I think it might even be my favorite book of the entire trilogy. It held my attention for the entire book. If I could have gotten away with finishing the book in one sitting, I would have. In a heartbeat. There were some things I feel could have been detailed a little bit differently, but it wasn’t really anything major. I’m probably being just nit-picky.

I went back and forth on my thoughts on Tavi. She has great potential. She also has a great deal of responsibility on her plate. She’s the ONLY person that’s ALL blessed! That’s a lot to process. There’s nobody who can fully understand exactly what she’s going through. It’s just that she doesn’t really process things properly. She also doesn’t communicate with others well. She expects everybody to include her, but she wants to do things alone. Yes, the intentions are honorable, but still. I don’t want to butcher the names, but I loved the rest of the Golds too. Especially Tavi’s love interest. He’s so sarcastic. I’m a sucker for sarcastic characters.

The author narrated this book and the first two books. I stated in previous reviews that she’s an incredible narrator. I stand by that. If she narrates any of her other books or for other authors, I will gladly pick up a copy of the audiobook and listen to it. She has great vocals. It’s amazing how much of a pull she has. She definitely pulled me right into the story.

While I feel like this trilogy could have used a lot more flair and dramatics, I really enjoyed it. I may not consider this one of my favorite trilogies of all time. This book was the best of the three. It definitely hit a lot of the expectations that I had for this book. I was also impressed that I was never able to predict anything in this entire trilogy. I love that I was completely floored with every turn!

Facing The Sun
Facing The Grays
The Complete Sun-Blessed Trilogy

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