Facing The Gray by Carol Beth Anderson Book Review

Tavi is devastated when the Grays kill somebody important to her. In her grief, she turns away from everyone and determines to take the Grays down by herself. She’s determined to take them down no matter what the cost. Even if that means she becomes a Gray herself.

This trilogy has maintained the same pace. I do enjoy it a lot. I just feel that it’s not meeting its full potential. It’s a lovely story full of lovely characters. I also love that everything is explained very discreetly. Especially the time gaps. It’s pretty great. It definitely helps keep confusion at bay. It’s one of the things that really bothers me. I hate when there’s a time gap but it’s not really clear.

I really can’t say I loved Tavi in this book. I wanted to smack her in more than one instance. I did understand why she was being the way she was being though. It’s natural to grieve. We all grieve in our own ways. I also didn’t like the fact that none of her friends seemed to even try to understand. I can understand that too. They didn’t really fully get the extent of her struggles.

The author also narrated this book. She did fantastically. I’m still somewhat convinced that she narrated this series I listened to. It’s not realistic. There’s a different name listed. It just sounds like her so much. If she ever decides to narrate as well as write, I’d definitely buy books she narrates. She has a talent for it. When I say that, I mean narrate other people’s books.

I really did like this book very much. I fully recommend the person reads Facing The Sun first. It helps make sense of this book a lot more. I am both excited for the third and final book of the trilogy and nervous. I’m excited because I can’t wait to see where the story goes. I’m nervous because, after this, there’s no more! It’s insane. I’ll be willing to risk it anyway.

Facing The Sun

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