Updates To Blog Schedule And Services

Before I start talking about the updates and changes, I have a small announcement to make. I’ve finally decided to take the chance and start the freelance I’ve been wanting to start for a very long time. I decided to stop listening to the people who were very negative when I brought it up. It’s been very freeing. Right now, I’m just offering one service, but as I research, I will probably grow the service list.

I am still on the hunt to find a part-time job for steady pay. Something I may maintain even after my freelance job is launched and successful. I’m fully aware that I will probably never have a day off. I’ll also probably be working most of the days from the time I get up until I go to bed. I’m fully okay with this. I will make sure I have time to do everything. Including this blog.

I’m open to any freelance suggestions anybody wants to throw out! The more detailed the better!

My services are in a post below. Please feel free to share!


I’ve struggled coming up with a schedule lately. I want to find things that I can post every day that I enjoy and that my lovely readers enjoy too. I had a pretty good set up, but I needed to let the True Crime and Conspiracy go. As much as I would have loved to do that. I may even consider bringing it back in the future honestly. Right now, my focus needs to go on launching my freelance and finding a job. I don’t want to pursue the series if I can’t put my all into the research.

Here’s the new schedule:

Blog Schedule

I know that lately I’ve been really late in posting. And some weeks I haven’t posted at all. I don’t feel there’s any excuse for it. I do have an explanation. I am a very routine oriented person. Sometimes my routines aren’t exactly realistic. I’ll admit to that. Either way, when a curve ball comes in, sometimes it takes me awhile to get back into routine. I’m actively working on breaking this habit. It’s harder than I would like to admit. I’ll get there. I’m a work in progress!

Thank you for reading!

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