Man Fast by Krista Sandor Book Review

Abby Quin finds herself unsure of what to do. Her boyfriend and first love has decided to leave her. On a whim, she decides to move to Colorado to be with her cousin. She also decides to go on a man fast and focus on her career. She thinks that will be a walk in the park until she meets Brennen Bergen. Brennen’s family is tired of his playboy ways. They inform him that he will be cut off unless he changes his ways and gets serious.

So I’m guilty of avoiding reading blurbs about books at all costs. If somebody tells me to read a book they think I’ll love, I do. No questions asked. That was definitely how this book went. So I won’t lie. I thought I was going to absolutely hate it. I honestly did for awhile. Which is why it isn’t getting a perfect rating. It grew on me though. The author is definitely very creative. I thought this was going to be a cheesy predictable novel. It was cheesy, but it definitely wasn’t predictable. It was nice.

I feel like I admired Abby the most. She was really mature from the beginning. She wasn’t overly dramatic. She knew what she needed to focus on and did so. I didn’t really care for Brennen in the beginning. He was annoying and full of himself. I guess that was kind of the point. It’s not said in the book so I’m not spoiling anything, but I’m convinced that grandma put him in that school for a reason. She was the mastermind. I’d of loved to see a bit of her perspective in this book.

This book was narrated by Monica King. She is a fantastic narrator. I was very impressed with how she portrayed each character. It was like they were all given a fresh breath of life. I won’t say that she’s the only narrator with this talent, but I definitely will listen to other narrations by her in the future. She knows how to captivate an audience.

My initial impression of this book was that it was going to be so cliché and boring. I thought I was going to predict it to the very end. I was very wrong. I’m happy to say that. I’m also happy to say that I am looking forward to getting my hands on the rest of this series. It’s been a very fluffy and fun read.

My Rating:

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