Things Happen

I’m not going to say that my year has started horribly. It hasn’t. I won’t say that 2019 was horrible. It wasn’t. The last half of 2019 was a struggle. I won’t lie. In a way, the struggle is still there. However, things are finally looking up. There are still some things that aren’t great, but we have to pick up and move on eventually.

One of my biggest flaws is that when unexpected things happen, I kind of derail. I don’t exactly have a strict routine, but I do have some habits and goals that I like to keep at every day. When that gets derailed, I feel lost. It usually takes a few days to get back to normal.

Naturally, I’m behind. Not the way I really wanted to start the new year, but things happen. I will catch up. Especially if I let some things go. That includes the blogs for the week. I tried to keep up. I just couldn’t. I’m not even going to make excuses. I know I could easily do them. My heart wouldn’t be in them. One thing I will always be persistent on is the fact that I will never do anything half-hearted on this blog.

I’ll return to normal Monday. I may even start writing a personal blog every week that isn’t related to books, writing, or crime. I haven’t fully decided on that yet. I wouldn’t want to bore anybody. I’m hoping that I’ll have a few book reviews out before next week starts. We’ll see how things go. What I can promise is that by Monday, I’ll be in a better place. Positive thoughts!

May this be the last blog like this I have to put out. I wish that I could explain everything that has went on. It would make me sound like less of a flake. There are things that just really shouldn’t be talked about publicly in my opinion. Even if I did believe in oversharing, I don’t want anybody to feel bad for me or think that’s my intention. We all have our struggles and issues. It’s how we get past them that matters.

Thank you for reading!

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