Walker Wildcats Year 1 by Tamara Hart Heiner Book Review

Cassandra is nervous. She just moved to a new place. She’ll be starting a new school. She knows nobody. She’s pleasantly surprised to find how quickly she fits in and makes friends. She also joins a lot of activities that she really enjoys.

I really enjoyed this story. I found it very adorable. I also found it very realistic. There were a few things that I didn’t really care for in the book, but they actually happen. Not writing about them doesn’t exactly make them go away. I can say that this book has helped me NOT miss some of the dramas we experienced in school.

I think all the characters were adorable. There were a few snotty brats in the book, but they exist in the real world too. Expecting them to be punished for their actions when they don’t, in reality, would be a stretch as well. I did really see the child me in Cassandra. Well, in some ways.

This book was narrated by Hysha Nesmith. I do not have a problem with her narration. I felt like she could have been reading a story to children in schools or libraries. She knew her audience and she nailed it. There were just a few minor issues I had with it. The noise at the beginning of each chapter was a little cringy, but minor. She also has parts of the book where she gets a little choppy.

This book combines all the volumes of Year 1 into one book. I think it was pretty clever. I know I’m not a child, but I enjoyed this book. I may not have children now but I may one day and it will be nice to have a list of books I’d willingly read to them already!

My Rating:

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