My Writing Plans For 2020

I think I’ve made it obvious that I really enjoy writing. I’ve had my doubts and insecurities about publishing with very valid reasons. However, I think I’m looking at things in the wrong way.

My biggest issue with publishing was the fear that it would take my time away from reading. I see authors today pushing themselves to put at least a book out a month. If not more. It has to be stressful. I get why they do it. It still seems very stressful.

All that aside, I have decided that I would like to publish anyway. Not anytime soon. But eventually. My goal for now is to have my first book edited and ready by 2021. I also don’t plan to become a full-time author. When I publish, I’ll publish 1-2 books a year. Not because I’m full of myself and think that I’ll earn a ton of money that way. I just don’t see it as the only thing I want to do with my life.

Starting New Year, I’ll be dedicating two hours a day to writing. If I draw a blank for writing on a particular day, I’ll edit and shape up some of the work I already have out. I’ll share my progress every week. I may even share some of my writing now and then if that’s requested. But either way, I will post on Mondays about how the progress itself is going.

Thank you for reading! Happy New Year!

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