Wendigo Fever by Kevin Hardman Book Review

A warden’s job is to protect people from the monsters that lurk in the shadows. Errol is thrown into the position when his brother mysteriously disappears during a normal visit. Errol juggles helping the people they are tasked to help and finding his brother. He also finds that he’s being hunted.

I really enjoyed this book. It was very short and full of adventure. I listened to it in one sitting pretty much. I found myself absorbed into the story from the very beginning and I fully intend to read the rest of the series when I’m able to. It will definitely be worth it.

There weren’t really many characters in this story, but the two that were in it were pretty relatable. Errol is a normal sixteen-year-old kid who is self-absorbed and wants a different future for himself than what his family wants. Then we have the feisty lady who decides to go with him after he helps her family get rid of a monster. I’m sad that I forget her name. She definitely had a lot of fight in her.

Mikael Naramore, the narrator, did a pretty fantastic job narrating the story. I normally cringe at male narrators trying female dialogue. Mostly because they really overdo it. They make females sound really weird. I was impressed with his female voices though. It was a very refreshing change. I’ll definitely listen to more books he narrates.

I really enjoyed this story very much. It was a very short read that I managed to get done in one sitting while catching up on reviews. I was kind of surprised that the time passed honestly. I was very absorbed in the story.

My Rating:

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