The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker Book Review

Life is normal and full of life in a small town in Southern California. That changes drastically when a college student falls asleep and stays asleep. Nobody really thinks anything of it at first until other students start falling into this deep unresponsive sleep as well. The town gets shut down as more and more people fall into this weird sleep.

I really loved the idea of this book. It was really enticing. The thought in itself was what kept me reading honestly. It took me well over a month to fully get through the book. Mainly because I set it down quite a few times. I wanted to like it. I really did. The execution just wasn’t all that great. I feel like if it had a rewrite and wasn’t written so bland that it might work. I don’t hate it. I just think it needs work. I also wish some things had been explained better.

I can’t really say anything about the characters at all. There were just way too many to keep track of. I almost wish I’d kept notes. I had to go back a few times to figure out who was who. The only character that I felt even a little connected to was Mei. I am like her in so many ways. There was also a pre-teen child I thought was pretty sweet too. I don’t remember her name.

I did like this book. I really loved the idea. It just didn’t really hit expectations for me. There was a lot left to be desired. There were many questions that were just left unanswered to me. This book really had a lot of potential in my eyes. It might still have a chance. Who knows? This author wrote another book called Age Of Miracles. That book was amazing to me. It’s a book that’s stuck with me. I think about it quite often. I think that’s why I’m a little disappointed with this one.

Age Of Miracles

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