Step Into Magic by Day Leitao Book Review

Karina’s world is changed forever when she finds a pair of shoes at a yard sale. They turn out to be magical shoes that are evil. She finds herself in another world looking to destroy the shoes before people can find her and take the shoes to use for evil.

I found this story to be quite adorable. The characters were really sweet. The storyline flowed very nicely. It was well put together. I think many teenagers and young adults will really enjoy the story. It’s very age-appropriate.

I’m not going to give my opinion on whether or not I could connect with the characters. Half of the characters in the story were children. I feel that it would be weird for me to say. I do think that they were all pretty amazing characters.

I really don’t hate the narration that Marlies Dubois did. I just think that she could have narrated it a bit better. She made most of the characters sound really whiny and airheaded. I’m sure that was not the intention. I’m also sure that I’m just being really picky. It did give me a headache though. I’m not going to lie.

I really enjoyed this story quite a lot. I’m considering going back and reading it without narration. I think that the narrator’s voice pitch kind of obscured the story for me just a little. As I said though, I don’t think she did a bad job. It was just a bit too high pitch for me.

My Rating:

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