Master Of His Fate by Barbara Taylor Bradford Book Review

James has the dedication and drive to change things as society knows it. Even though he was born into the poorer side of society, he’s got the drive to become as successful as any of the rich. With his grandparents’ help, that dream becomes a reality for him. Alexis is driven to be successful in her father’s company. She refuses to marry and let a man take over and control her life. She’s afraid if she marries that the husband will take over everything and not let her work at all.

I really enjoyed this book at all. I was confused in the beginning because I didn’t fully get why there was talk about two different people who weren’t even in the same circles of society. I had assumed that eventually, they must cross paths. That’s the only way that the story would make much sense to me. Either way, I really did enjoy reading about both of them and the people in their lives. I can say that I feel like there were a few instances where historical accuracy was pushed just a tad. This thing doesn’t really bother me personally. I recognize that I’m reading a fictional book. It may bother some people though.

I really adored James. He was strong. He was compassionate. He cared about those he was around and he was loyal. If somebody wronged him, he wanted to make sure they got fair treatment. It’s really admirable. Alexis was really amazing as well. I honestly feel that I would be just like her in that time era. She’s a strong woman who is passionate about her career. It’s amazing!

Other than the issues I highlighted, I thought this was a pretty amazing book. I am looking forward to reading book two in May. I can’t wait to see what happens from here. I don’t want to get too much into it. I’d hate to spoil the book to anybody who will be reading in the future. It’s a very light and enjoyable read.

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