Execution by Lucia Franco Book Review

IMPORTANT NOTE: This book and other books in this series have been put under fire for some of the plot in the book that can easily be taken out of context. I do not condone reading anything that would talk of things that go against my morals. I saw this book in a different perspective than those who are against this book. I am aware that everybody will interpret things differently, but I do feel that if it was meant the way that people are taking it, neither the author or the narrator would be okay with publishing it.

Adrianna is struggling to improve her performance and become the best gymnast she can possibly be. She will stop at nothing to get to the elite. She pushes her body and her health to the absolute max by practicing 50 or more hours a week. With that and the horrible attraction between her and the coach, her stress levels are through the roof.

I really did like this story a lot. A lot of people are very uncomfortable because it would seem that this book violates a lot of terms that are set in publishing. I personally see it as a message about how impressionable our youth is and how somebody can get into their heads easily. I could be wrong. I don’t know what the author is trying to say. I can only stand by my interpretation of it. I was also focused more on the gymnastics part of the story than the romance as well. It just blows my mind how much these young women push themselves to be the absolute best.

I can’t say I really care for any of the characters at all. With the exception of Hayden. He seems like a very genuinely great guy who truly cares for Adrianna. I wanted to like Adrianna. I wanted to connect with her. And there are times that I almost do. Especially during the times she’s with Hayden. She’s so obviously a victim in need of help and instead, she’s just getting hate and judgment. It’s just she gets so selfish and only her own problems matter. It kind of takes a lot of the connection away.

My favorite narrator of all time, Sarah Puckett, narrated this book. She also narrated the first book as well. I have listened to many of her books. I feel she has a strong moral. I don’t know her personally, but I think if the book was as bad as it’s being portrayed as, she wouldn’t have narrated it. I feel like she would have honestly turned it down. This is just my opinion. I can’t say for sure.

I’m not sure why this book has so much heat other than the fact that the message is being widely misinterpreted. There are multiple sides to everything. It could very well be that I, myself, am misinterpreting it. Who knows? What I see is a story spotlighting a victim who’s struggling with many demons and trying to be the best she can be. I hope people will at least consider giving this book a chance despite everything.

My Rating:

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