An Impromptu Readathon (I’m Sick)

All week long I’ve been under the weather. I feel way better than I did earlier this week, but I’m still weak. I keep a reading schedule. Due to being sick and not feeling like reading, I fell behind on that. So, today I’ve been reading most of the day. It’s been a very relaxing and nice day. It occurs to me that I may have turned it into a readathon. I liked that thought so much that I may extend it to tomorrow.

For those of you who don’t know, I absolutely love readathons. I look forward to them. I used to be a part of a group that did three a month. I miss it. I just failed the group. But that’s another story. I’d honestly prefer not to talk about it.

I’d like to go ahead and look into readathons that go on next year. I’m not sure about participating in any more this year. I might if I can, but we’ll see. If anybody knows of readathons going on next year, please let me know about them. Thank you in advance!

Well, that was how my Saturday was! Is everybody ready for Christmas (that celebrates it). I’m not. I don’t have the money to buy anybody gifts. I probably won’t be able to buy the food for a special dinner. Who knows? It was a rough summer and fall, but things are finally looking up!

I might do a personal readathon for Christmas Eve and Day! Anybody is welcome to join me if they’d like to! I’ll make blogs about my progress if that’s something people would like to see. I’ll find a way to make a group if a few people show interest!

Thank you for reading.

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