Stripping The Sub by Golden Angel Book Review

Ellie has a lot of issues she needs to work through. Including a horrible event that happened in the past. She isn’t looking for a relationship with anybody. So when Michael walks back into her life, she’s thrown through a loop. She tries to keep herself from him, but after a year, she finally gives in.

I really adored this book. I have to be honest, it does cover a very heavy topic. Something that many women and even some men face or experience in their own way. It was inspiring and sexy. I didn’t think those two could meet and still make an amazing book. I’m very impressed. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. It is also very hilarious! I mean… Sorry Olivia!

Ellie is such an amazingly strong character. She’s been through so much and it shows. She’s impressed every day by the support network she seems to have found. Michael is pretty amazing as well. He’s the absolute perfect book boyfriend. He’s everything most women would want in a man.

I really enjoyed listening to Rosie. She was pretty amazing. She added so much more to an already amazing story. Not that it needed much added to make it amazing, but still. I’m pretty sure that she narrated the other book I listened to as well, but I’m not fully sure. Either way, I’d be fully willing to listen to other books she narrates.

I really did enjoy this book. It was very inspirational and unique. It was also full of heat and desire. I do have to be honest and state that there is a topic in here that can be triggering to some. It still makes a very beautiful read. I loved it.

The Sassy Submissive (Free)
Taming The Tease ($0.99)
Mastering Lexie
Breaking The Chain
Bound To The Past

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