Breaking the Chain by Golden Angel Book Review

Both Jared and Leigh have been burned by long term relationships where they weren’t really valued and wanted. Even though they were both afraid to trust, they found comfort and healing in each other. It was easy for them both to be with the other, which shocked them both. Leigh decides to risk everything to ask him to discipline her to keep to her diet so that she can manage her blood sugar levels.

This is not the first Golden Angel novel I read. It won’t be the last either. Normally books like this make me feel extremely uncomfortable. Her books don’t. I’ll be honest and state that I haven’t really read a lot of books in this genre and the few I did weren’t really that great. So, it’s possible that I might like them. Who knows? All I know is that I don’t feel uncomfortable reading books from Golden Angel. This book was really nice. The only problem I had was that there were a few scenes here and there that I felt got rushed over a bit too much.

Leigh is a very wholesome girl. She knows her flaw and she does what it takes to fix it. I like that about her. I can also really relate to the high blood sugar problem. In more ways than I care to admit. I really liked Jared a lot. He’s very upfront and honest. He’s not some broody and mysterious person who gets mad when people question him. It was a refreshing change. I can’t really give an honest assessment of the background characters, but they all seemed fun and friendly and full of life! I’ll have to go back and read some of the books in this series to know some of them better.

I have never heard any books by Rose Lane before. She’s pretty talented. I really enjoyed listening to this book. She definitely helped elevate it in a lot of ways. I was impressed. I hope that she’s the narrator for the rest of this series. She definitely nailed it.

I enjoyed this book far more than I thought I would. I had a feeling I would, though. Golden Angel has a talent. She knows how to make things exciting to read. I can see why people begged her to put her work into publishing. I’m glad they did too. The world would be without her literature if they didn’t.

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