Sweep The Blade by Ilona Andrews Book Review

After being betrayed by her husband and cast aside like garbage by a society she helped, Maude finds it hard to trust any vampires. She seeks her sister’s help. There she meets a vampire named Arland. Despite herself, she falls for him and his charms.

I really enjoyed this book a lot. I can’t lie though, I enjoyed the first three books with DIna a bit more. This book was pretty great on its own though. I loved that the first chapter kind of summarizes the last book very neatly. That was pleasantly unique for me. I was frazzled by the ending. I can’t wait until the fifth book is released!

Maude is a very loyal and fierce woman. I really do like her. She isn’t like her sister Dina at all. She’s sarcastic, but it’s just different. Arland is something else. If I had to compare him, I’d say he was a combination of Eric and Bill from True Blood. He’s formal and polite, but he’ll kill without mercy.

The narrator for this book is Natalie Naudus. A different narrator than the first three books. She did a really great job. Personally, I found it fitting they used a different narrator since it’s a different point of view than the first three books. Not sure if I’ve listened to anything else by this narrator, but I would consider it.

I’m not sure why they did a point of view switch halfway through the series, but it’s okay. I really liked this book. I’m glad I got to see a bit more of Maude. I missed DIna in this book. I won’t lie. But I’m glad that I got to see a different world outside of the inn. I can’t wait for book five! I wish it was in my hands now! I believe it releases mid-January!

Clean Sweep
Sweep In Peace
One Fell Sweep

My Rating:

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