Where I’ve Been And What I’ve Been Reading

Training ended on Tuesday for my job. It kind of ended very suddenly. A lot of important material was rushed over. We all could have used a lot more practice. Wednesday, my training class was thrown into calls. We were all terrified. We actually lost a few people because they were so frustrated and didn’t feel they were ready. I got it. I have to be honest, I considered walking to. Three days of taking calls and things are easier. I was completely drained after calls. Two of the three days I’ve barely read at all. I did listen to audio a little one day and fully another. That counts , right?

To add to the chaos that was my week, my editor settings on my desktop computer went wonky. I’m not sure what happened. It completely stressed me out. I had my boyfriend and editor of my blog post the last review for me. Luckily, I do have my laptop. It will be my blogging computer from here on. Yeah, it’s been a pretty stressful and not so great week.

I decided to start the True Crimes and Conspiracy Theories blog series next week. I didn’t get a lot of chance to research after being so drained from calls and nerves all week. I plan to start next Friday. It will be so fun. I’m disappointed that it didn’t work out for this week, but I’m only human. I make mistakes and get overwhelmed just like anybody else.

I decided to kind of mesh all the blogs I didn’t have the energy to do this week into one. I didn’t really get a chance to read other blogs this week and didn’t post many blogs or read much. So I won’t be posting a reading wrap-up. I plan to read everybody’s though! They are so encouraging to read!

What I’m Reading:

What I’ve Finished Recently

I think I have some promotional blogs I’ll be posting that I was supposed to post this week. I’m not sure. I have to check the planner I refused to look at as I fell further behind every day. I’d fully appreciate if anybody would read my blogs on there anyways! It would make my day! it’s Willow Writes And Read Promotions.

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