Meet Crookshanks

I haven’t really had the chance to take many pictures lately. Between trying to get my reading pile down and training, I’m lucky I have time to sleep! I also haven’t really left the house much lately either. I will make a point to change it.

I have gotten to spend a lot of time with our family cat. We adopted him over a year ago. He’s been a very cuddly sweet cat since. I worry about him because he’s intensely afraid of strangers and men. It took him over a month to adapt to my brother.

In this photo, Crookshanks is laying on a heating pad for pets that I got since colder weather will be approaching. I feel this is a great one. It even came with an extra cover. I have attached the link to the photo for anybody who is interested.

I’ll be posting a picture I’ve taken every Tuesday. Some personal and some not so personal. I’ll try to write something about every one. I sincerely hope you enjoy!

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