Reading Wrap-Up: December 8th, 2019

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Every Last Drop
Clean Sweep
The Cases That Haunt Us
Sweep In Peace
La Belle Sauvage
Second Chance Sam, King Of The Junkyard

Personal Blog

Confessions And Announcement
WWW Wednesday
Featured Book
True Crime And Conspiracy Theories

Promotions Blog

More Than Us Cover Reveal
The Thirteenth Guardian Book Blitz
Smailholm Cover & Trailer Reveal
Captive Of Darkness Book Blitz
Tales Of Tarya Series Blog Tour
War Of The Downer King Blog Tour

I get so many readers who like and comment on my blog. It’s humbling. I wanted to take the time to show case five blogs that I particularly enjoyed from other blogs that I think my readers might also enjoy. It’s in no particular order and is not saying others aren’t as good. Just blogs I enjoyed.

Book Tag: The Joy Of Christmas
Saturdays At The Cafe
Sunshine Blogger Award
Binding of Bindings #34
EYOR: Violence

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