Kylest’s Reign by Michelle Dare Book Review

Somebody has taken Kylest’s sister. In the middle of his rounds of investigation trying to find her, he finds himself in Odessa’s home. A woman who’s jealousy ruined their relationship. He also finds Raven. Raven offers to help him find his sister and as they investigate, they grow close. Kylest thinks that Raven could even be his mate.

I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t as intense and hilarious as the first two, but it was still amazing in its own way. It also covered more of the world than the first two did as well. I think the best part of this book is getting to know Kylest better. It was also nice finding another girl in this world to absolutely adore!

Raven is really special. She’s humble and modest, but she’s also feisty and strong. It’s really impressive. She’s a combination I wouldn’t think possible. I’ve always wanted to see Kylest a bit more. He’s been a mystery to me. In a good way. The only thing I was disappointed in was not getting to see much of Ari and Solomon. Those are my absolute favorite books in this series.

Troy Duran and Sarah L. Colton did a great job narrating. I’m not really shocked. They narrated the first two books and were just as fantastic in those as well. I’m sure I’ve listened to others by these two, but not fully. Even if I haven’t, I definitely will. I really hope they narrate the rest of this series as well!

I really enjoyed this book! It was adorable how easy Kylest and Raven connected. It was like they had always known each other. I think everybody wants a relationship like that. I don’t just mean romance. It would be nice to have a friendship like that as well. I really need to get the next book in my hands! It will be all about my favorite male in this series! I’m excited!

Wake’s Claim
Ford’s Fate

My Rating:

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