Confessions And Announcement

I’ve had a schedule up since the beginning of October. I LOVE the schedule part. I LOVE that I have a guaranteed blog to post every single day. The problem is that I didn’t love all of the things on the schedule. There are two I really look forward to. WWW Wednesday and Reading Wrap-Up. I also look forward to Featured book. Things just don’t really excite me anymore.

Either way, I’m happy to post. I’m blessed to have people who enjoy what I’m writing. It makes me look forward to it. I love reading other people’s blogs too. It’s very great to have a community to people who share the passions I do.

I’ve really been confused on a lot of things. There was this post about things to give up for the month of November. Each month had a different task. Mine (August) was no social media. I kept posting blog stuff to social media, but I didn’t actually get on.

It was very therapeutic for me. It helped me sort a lot of things out. I love writing, but I need to get out of my own head. There is a writer’s group starting up at my library. If I can, I’m going to do what it takes to join it. I think it will help. I’m also considering finding a way to do some writing classes.

I’m still putting consideration in narrating. I’d like to spend quite a few months practicing before I put serious consideration in it. I’ve always loved reading. I used to read out loud to my siblings. There was just something comforting and thrilling about it. This would be different, but it’s something I really think would make me happy.

As I stated, I wasn’t completely happy with my schedule. I’ve decided to vamp it up to see if that helps.

Monday: Writing Diary. I will either post a sample of my writing or I’ll post an update on how my writing is going. Most of the time, it will most likely be writing progress. I haven’t really had inspiration to write lately.

Tuesday: Arts and Photography. I really do love taking pictures. I don’t get the chance to do it as much as I was when I was getting out of the house more. I have been taking drawing lessons! I’ll share some photos or drawings or talk about how things are going for me in this area.

Wednesday: WWW Wednesday. It’s a popular blog that goes around that gives an update on reading plans. I really love this. Very much.

Thursday: Featured Book. I’ll pick a book that recently finished or I’m currently reading that I’ve really been enjoying.

Friday: True Crime and Conspiracies. I want to share about a subject I’m passionate about. I’ll probably talk more about True Crime than Conspiracies, but I’ll talk about those that interest me. I’m willing to take requests and do the research for whatever crime or conspiracy asked about. Please note I will put the facts in about whatever I blog about, but I will heavily be putting my opinion in on it and my feelings.

Saturday: Free Day. I’ll post anything that strikes me. It will be book related or something about my life.

Sunday: Reading Wrap Up. I’ll be posting about my weekly progress and the links for the blogs posted for the week. This will be for this blog and my promotions blog.
Promotions Blog

Thank you all for putting up with me through all of this. I don’t mean to be indecisive. Sometimes I let my fears and doubts get the best of me. I’ll get better eventually. The point is I’m trying. Right?

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