Every Last Drop by Sarah Robinson Book Review

Tessa and her husband decided to take the next step in trying to have a child. They go to a fertility clinic and get tested to see what the problem is and what the steps are to move forward. Instead, Tessa discovers that she has a tumor on her brain. Her life and plans are thrown upside down and she must decide the best course of action from there.

I really didn’t care for the story. It had a very slow start and I found that Tessa’s attitude got a bit under my skin. Because of the diagnosis, I decided to keep reading. I knew that it would get better as the story went on. I knew it would end up being a beautiful story or a beautifully tragic story. I knew there was a chance that it would give me deep thoughts. I was not disappointed there.

I really didn’t connect with any of the characters at first. I felt that Tessa was way too aggressive. She got angry with the doctors like it was their fault that she was diagnosed and things turned out the way that they did. She broke other people’s property like that was okay. I mean I get why, but it was so frustrating. And the people in her life had moments where they were really selfish and didn’t really care about the pain she was going through.

I’m really not looking forward to bringing this part up. I really enjoyed Jaimee Moore’s voice. She’s got this naturally narrative voice. She goes from voice to voice with ease. My problem was the hollow sound that seemed to kind of exist in the background of the entire audio. It wasn’t horrible, but it was very present. Then there was this feedback at the beginning of many chapters that was a little disturbing. Other than that, the narration was great.

This story was beautiful but sad. It was also very educational. I may not have cared for the story or characters much at the beginning, but I adored both in the end. The biggest thing about this book is that it needs to be read with an open mind. It’s full and heavy. It’s a very deep topic. I really did enjoy it a lot. Have tissues ready!

4 Stars

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