Dark Poison by Grace White Book Review

Celeste has found not one but three loves. She has also become part wolf and part vampire. The only thing left is to become part fae. Every day that passes brings more danger to her and her loved ones. She must close the veil and stop all the danger once and for all. The only problem is that it may end her time with her three loves forever.

I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the entire trilogy. It’s beautiful. It’s realistic. Well, as realistic as a paranormal book can be, but yeah. I really adored it. I was antsy on how it would be ended. I was worried for nothing. The ending was as beautiful as the entire trilogy was. I read the first two more than once. If that says anything.

I’ve gushed over the characters in the first two reviews. I will continue gushing over them here. Lucas is still my favorite and will always be. He’s just so sweet and sassy. That’s my favorite type of man. Celeste is amazing too. It’s nice to see a main character who knows what she wants and what she’s after. She’s not afraid to acknowledge that she’s afraid, but carries on with what she needs to do anyway. It’s inspiring.

The narrator for this book is the same for the narrator in the first two books. Sarah Puckett. I can gush over this narrator for days and not get over it. She’s just so talented. She gives even more life to the book than the authors already do. She is so passionate. She’s an inspiration. I hope to be as good as her when I start narrating!

This was a beautiful ending to a beautiful series. I just wish it didn’t have to end. I could have read about the characters in this world for years on end and not get tired of it. Especially where Lucas is involved. I wouldn’t mind spin-off series for this book. Maybe even a prequel or a prequel trilogy involving Sierra. I would definitely read them all if they existed.

Complete Trilogy– $0.99

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