Moon Cursed by Grace White Book Review

Updated Review:
Celeste is a vessel. She’s appointed regent of Devil’s Gate. Her heart belongs to a vampire, a faerie, and a werewolf. To obtain peace between the species, she must become the ultimate hybrid. She must also keep her safe from the people who lurk in the shadows to take her down.

This is my second time reading this. I enjoyed it the first time. I enjoyed it this time as well. I reread it and the first book so that I could be prepared for the third book. Or I was just looking for an excuse to re-read them. I’ll leave that open for interpretation. Either way, I adore it. I will have to say that this book ends on a cliff hanger. I would recommend having the third book handy before reading it.

While she can be a bit much at times, I really adore and relate to Celeste. I really wouldn’t mind taking her place when it comes to her lovely men as well. I’m just saying. We have our lovely werewolf, Laken. Our fierce vampire, Gage. Then, there’s my personal favorite, Lucas the faerie. He’s so sassy and quirky. He’s also so proper. He kind of reminds me of a tamer version of Logan from Gilmore Girls.

I stated in my original review that the narrator, Sarah Puckett, is one of my favorite narrators. I stand by that statement. She’s just so talented. I mean the books are obviously very great. She finds a way to bring them to life even more than the author does. She sucks the reader in and makes them feel everything. I absolutely adore her!

I’m glad I read this book again. I can’t lie and say I won’t read it again. I’ll probably read it quite a few more times. I wouldn’t mind having physical copies of these books to have on my bookshelves. I’d love to meet the author and pick her brain as well! I haven’t read the third book so I can’t make this official, but I’m pretty sure this is going to be in my top ten favorite trilogies.

This book wrecked me. I had the biggest hangover ever due to this book. I just can’t even begin to tell you about it. My heart!!! I don’t even know! Don’t take this review to mean you shouldn’t read it. You SHOULD read it! I fully and strongly recommend it. Just prepare to be wrecked if you’re very invested in the characters like I was.

The narrator was fantastic. She’s one of my absolute favorite narrators of all time. I love her style. And she has this twang about her that’s just so adorable. So I not only recommend this book (please read the first book first), I also recommend the narrator!

Blood Lust

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