Reading Wrap-Up: November 24th, 2019

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Claiming His Wife
Punishing His Ward
The Forgotten Garden
Dealing With Discipline

Personal Blog

The Real Neat Blog Award
Loving Embrace (A Poem By Me)
Top Ten Tuesday
WWW Wednesday
Upcoming Changes
Featured Book: Stalking Jack The Ripper
Meant To Be (A Poem By Me)

Promotions Blog

Guardian The Choice Blog Tour
Hush Blog Tour
Skyjump Blog Tour
The Amulet Of Elements Blog Tour

I get so many readers who like and comment on my blog. It’s humbling. I wanted to take the time to show case five blogs that I particularly enjoyed from other blogs that I think my readers might also enjoy. It’s in no particular order and is not saying others aren’t as good. Just blogs I enjoyed.

5 Memes For People Who Love Books
Book Spotlight – Veiled by Desire by Candance Robinson
Cracker Barrel Hash Brown Casserole
Prehistoric African carnivorous mammals
Reading Slumps: the good, the bad and the steps to get your groove back!

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