Claiming His Wife by Golden Angel Book Review

Alex is tired of living apart from his wife. He’s tired of both of them taking different lovers. All he wants is her. He doesn’t understand what made her run away from their marriage in the first place. Grace is heartbroken when she discovers her husband and father talking. He tells her father that one woman is as good as another. Unable to trust that he’d married her for love, she flees as soon as the honeymoon is over.

I enjoyed this book and the three books in the series far more than I really thought I would. I was told that this was a stand-alone series and that I could read them in any order I wished. I do not entirely agree with this assessment. While reading them in order isn’t really a necessity, it would be for the best. There are references that just make a better sense of reading them in order. I really loved how she found a way to keep all couples involved in each and every book.

I really felt for Grace. It seemed she didn’t really grow up with a loving and warm father. It doesn’t really speculate on her relationship with her mother and her sisters. Either way, I fully understood her reaction to overhearing what Alex said to her father. She thought he was just like her father. I really adored how all the characters got a bit of a happy ending. It was like the author tied up the series with a nice little bow.

This Is officially the fourth book I’ve listened to involving S. Kitten. I’ve enjoyed her in every single one of them. She has this very proper voice that’s very lovely to hear. I’d gladly listen to any other book she narrates. Especially if it’s an audiobook in this time period. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she time-traveled to our time from that time!

I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the series very much. I personally would recommend that the series be read from beginning to end. However, it doesn’t exactly have to be read in order. Each book has it’s own story pretty much. It does slightly tie in the characters from previous books, though. It’s not a genre I’d of normally read, but I’m glad I did.

Birching His Bride
Dealing With Discipline
Punishing His Ward

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