The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton Book Review

Cassandra finds a shocking discovery in the middle of grieving over losing her grandmother. The discovery leads to a mystery. Cassandra decides to find a way to solve the mystery. She knows it’s what her grandmother would have wanted. Especially after finding out about a house that her grandmother bought years ago that she left to her.

I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t at first. It’s a really slow start. I was reading it for book club, so I stuck with it. It goes from slow to confusing, but if the reader sticks with it, it will get better. All the questions and threads get tied up in a very nice way. I’m not willing to say more than that. I don’t want to ruin the book for those who are curious. I just hope they don’t give up reading at the beginning.

I really adored Cassandra. Or I adored her as much as I could. There were times she comes off a bit robotic. My favorite character was Eliza. I connected with her so much. There were a lot of tragedies and hardships with many of the characters in this book, but I feel Eliza had the worst of it. I already said too much even saying her name. She makes the book worth reading this book.

This was a very beautiful story. It had a slow start, but it’s worth sticking with it and continuing. There are so many moments that just shocked me and pulled me in. I can’t explain it. I can’t explain how many thrills I got with every twist. I’m curious to see what else this author has written.

3 thoughts on “The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton Book Review

  1. Great review. I read this abou 10 years ago and found it quite good. Her book House at Riverton is amazing!!! I have read a couple of others, but haven’t read one for a few years.


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