Loving Embrace (A Poem By Me)

So many questions in my head
I wish that you were here instead
To hold me through the darkest nights
And wake up with me with every light

You keep me safe and warm
Being in your loving arms
If I had just one wish
It would be that every night was like this

I never knew a love so true
Until the day I laid eyes on you
Our first kiss was so pure
In it I found my heart’s cure

Even on the coldest night
You keep me warm with your embrace so tight
You chase away my every fear
You kiss away every tear

I wish that I could find the words to say
How you make me feel every day
I wish that I could let you know
All the happiness inside me I want to show

With you is where I always want to be
I know in my heart you are meant for me
Until my very last day
It’s with you I want to stay

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