Dealing With Discipline by Golden Angel Book Review

Elanor finds herself going from an unwilling bride to a wife in love. She didn’t want to fall in love because she felt that her husband didn’t love her. She felt that he would discard her once she produced an heir and find solace with lovers. Meanwhile, her brother marries Irene. Irene is in love with another and only marries Hugh for family duty.

I read the first book of this and enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. This book and the first are steamy but in a very elegant way. I’m quite impressed. I was expecting something entirely different. These books seem to be a stand-alone series, but I recommend reading them in order anyway. There are comments and references that are made that make more sense if read in order.

The previous book placed a lot of spotlight on Elanor and Edward. I was assuming that this book would place a lot of spotlight on Hugh and Irene. I was mistaken. It seemed to split the attention between both couples evenly. It also had a little sprinkling and references of Wesley as well. Of course, there are other characters that take part in the story. These are just the ones spotlighted.

S. Kitten did just as great of a job with this audiobook as she did the first one. I feel like she actually made me feel like I was part of the time era in which the story takes place. I felt like I was actually in the world and surrounded by the story and characters. It was exhilarating. I can’t even explain it better than that.

I believed this book and the book before it to be out of my comfort zone. However, this author made the book interesting anyways. I still think I wouldn’t be interested in the genre itself. I’ll attempt anyways. I am still willing to read from this author anyways. I’ll make an exception for her if you will. I’ll be reading the last two in the series as soon as I read them.

Birching His Bride

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