Untold Tales Of Dolly Williamson by JM Bannon Book Review

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Dolly Williamson invites Rose to investigate a rather strange murder investigation despite others not wanting anything to do with her. Multiple men have been killed under strange circumstances. He feels that she will be a great asset to the investigation due to her skill in the paranormal.

I really enjoyed this book. I found it quite comical. I do feel that it could use a rewrite. A polish up if you will. There are times that it kind of jumps all over the place that I don’t fully understand what’s going on. There are also some minor grammatical errors. They are something that it’s possible that I could be just being nit-picky about. I did take the time to highlight them off just in case. I also had problems figuring out what time era I was in sometimes.

The characters were good, but I didn’t really feel a connection with them. I did really enjoy the humor of the characters. They had quite a bit of wit about them. That’s as far as my connection with them went. I really don’t have anything negative to say about the characters though. I just didn’t really connect with them.

I really did enjoy the narrator though. Ana Clements is really good with accents. I was highly impressed. The only critique I had is that sometimes she didn’t really change tones between characters, so it made me think I was still listening to the one character talking. Other than that, her performance was very much worth listening to.

I really did enjoy the story. I think it could use some improvements, but it has great potential. I did notice that this was the prequel to a series. I plan to read the series. I may not have been in love with the book, but it’s definitely worth the read. It’s a very quirky and easy read.

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