The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman Book Review

Lyra has been taken. Will has been summoned to join Lord Asriel to help him win the war. He agrees to, but only under the condition that Lyra is found first. He feels that her part in the story is too powerful to go forward without her.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s sad to think it’s the last book in the trilogy. I am consoled by the fact that there are novellas written in the same world. It also seems that Phillip Pullman has recently started another trilogy based in the world. The second book was just recently released. I’m excited to continue on reading about this world in that trilogy.

I really feel a special attachment to many of the characters in this story. Especially Lyra. Then again, who can not like Lyra? Everybody LOVES Lyra. She spends five minutes with somebody and they are willing to give their life for her. My favorite characters in the story were Lee Scoresby and Serafina Pekkala. Especially Serafina. I connect so much with her. She’s worth admiring in my opinion.

This trilogy is one of my favorite trilogies of all time. I first read it in high school. I always wanted to go back and reread it. I had the best excuse when the show came out and my boyfriend decided we should read it together. I can honestly say that I will probably read it at least one more time in my lifetime.

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