Featured Book: Ripper by Amy Cecil

Every Friday, I’ll choose a book I either recently finished or am currently reading to talk about. It will be a book that as made a major impression on me and/or that I feel will hang with me a very long time.

This week, I choose Ripper. I just finished listening to this audiobook yesterday. I have the review up in the blog. Just look up my Book Reviews category. I chose this book for many reasons. To start with, the cover is just breathtaking. I would love to get this cover framed to hang on my wall. I’m a sucker for covers. I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love them. Right?

This story has quite a mix of horror and erotic lure. It’s not a genre combination I’d of ever thought existed. I definitely didn’t think I’d like it. I did. I’m not sure if I’d pick up another like it, but it’s possible.

The book made me want to go and do very thorough research on the cases of Jack the Ripper. It also made me terrified I’d have some very bad nightmares last night. I didn’t. Thank goodness.

It was a great book nonetheless. I do recommend it very much. Especially for those who love horror and true crime. I do want to point out that there are sexual scenes for those who are uncomfortable with reading that.

My Review

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