Ripper by Amy Cecil Book Review

Jack the Ripper is credited for killing five victims in Whitechapel. This book follows one of the known victims. Marie’s family disowned her after she married someone they forbid her to marry. She is forced to do what she must to survive after his sudden death.

I started this book and was excited and nervous because I was convinced it was going to be very creepy and very graphic. It wound up being more erotic than anything. I was still intrigued by the book. It was very intense. It had this pull that I just couldn’t resist. Rest assured, the horror and gore are in the book. Stick with it.

I really am not sure how to go about stating my opinions on the characters. I wanted to like Marie. I connected with her. I admired her passion greatly. She was just very quick to judge and didn’t really take the time to fully think things through. I adored Jax. I can see why anybody would become so smitten with him. I wish the rest of the characters in the story had more of a prominent part in the story.

This narrator. I can’t even. I had chills down my spine as she did the creepy parts. She knows how to perform and execute a very creepy dialogue. I was terrified! Her name is Marina Barrett. I can’t say whether or not I’ve listened to anything by her before, but I can tell you I’ll try to make sure I find and listen to more.

This book was intense. It was full of passion and desire. It was also full of blood and gore. I never thought I’d find a book that mixed horror with sex. I never thought I’d enjoy such a book. But here we are. This is a nice and short read. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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