Featured TV Show: Poldark

Our library has started a new tea and talk event. Today I’ll be attending the third monthly tea and talk event. The first one was in honor of Downtown Abbey. This one will be in honor of Poldark. I’d never heard of the show or the book series until then. I was intrigued though. Mother and I checked out the first two seasons so we would know what was being talked about.

I’ll admit that we never got around the second season. It took me a few episodes to fully get into it, but I never hated it. I just thought it would be very boring. I’ll have to ground myself for not reading the book first. To be fair, I had time constraint issues. I do plan to read the series. I also plan to go back and re-watch the first season and watch the rest of the show as well.

Basically, the show follows a very old family (Poldark). Ross was sent to the war as punishment for his deeds. He comes home to find that his father has passed away and that his love is marrying his cousin.

I have really enjoyed this show. I think once I read the series and watch the rest of show, I’ll probably fall more in love with it. I love it, but it’s not a show I’d be on edge waiting for the next episode.

I do recommend everybody give it a chance. It’s free to watch for Prime users. I have added the link for it on the image above. It’s a very wholesome and amusing show.

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