Taming My Whiskey by Melissa Foster Book Review

Stone is attempting to find the perfect woman to be the face of his company. He doesn’t want just any model. He wants an authentic biker chick. He has a specific woman in mind but doesn’t think she’ll take on the project. When the one who does accept, breaks her leg, he discovers that his original lady has done a similar job in the past. He decides to try to talk her into it.

I really enjoyed this story. Had I known that it was a book 6, I’d of tracked down and bought the first 5 before listening to it. I was already too deep into the book before I discovered it, though. It’s probably for the best. My book allowance is nonexistent these days. Considering how this story played out, it seems like the series is a stand-alone series that can be read out of order. It’s just that I’m the type that reads series in order regardless of if they are stand-alone or not.

The characters were pretty amazing. It focuses the attention on Stone and Whiskey. For obvious reasons as they are the main part and point of the story. I just kind of wish that some of the background characters had a bit more of a highlighting role in the story. Sometimes I got a little confused with who was who and where they belonged. Not too often though. Thank goodness.

I really enjoyed the narrators. I am not sure if I’ve ever listened to anything from Devra Woodward before. I am willing to listen to other audiobooks by her though. I have listened to Aiden Snow before. He’s a very delightful listen. I plan to listen to more of his in the future. He’s got this really soothing voice.

I really enjoyed this story despite not being able to read the first 5 books that were before it. It was hilarious and glorious. I wound up giving it a 4 out of 5-star rating. I’d of given it full 5 stars, but I felt like some of the major points of the story were overlooked and rushed over. It didn’t ruin the story, but it did leave some questions unanswered.

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