Nightworld Academy: Term Two by LJ Swallow Book Review

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A new term begins. The group wonders if the teacher who knows what they did will turn them in or keep his word. None of them feel that they can trust him. Jamie has cast a spell from a dangerous book that has put another student away for using it. The book is known to consume people. There is also an investigation about the attack on the hunters that were there that night.

I enjoyed this book much more than I did the first book. Which is weird for me. Normally I LOVE a first book and the rest of the series will fall flat. Or I’ll love every book equally. I feel like the first book was more of a set up than anything. This book really gets into the meat of things. I can’t wait to continue on.

Maeve doesn’t irritate me nearly as much as she did in the first book. I was happy to have gotten to see more of Amelia in this book. And more of Andrei, Jamie, and Ash. I’m not really sure how I feel about the professors. Mainly because they aren’t really prominent in the books that much.

I wasn’t impressed with the performance of the narrators in the first book. They made a recovery in this book. They did a lot better. I’ve listened to Sarah L. Colton before and knew how great she’s been in other books. I didn’t realize until this book that I’m pretty sure I’ve actually listened to one other book by Steve Campbell before. He says this one word very uniquely.

I really did enjoy the book. I hope that anybody who has read the first book and wasn’t fully impressed with it will read this anyways. It definitely picks up. I feel like this is a story that builds and builds until the very end. It’s a shame the rest isn’t in audio yet. I like to keep the format the same when I read books. If I listen to it in audio, I like to listen to them all in audio. If I read them, I like to read them. I may just make an exception for this one.

Nightworld Academy: Term One

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