Willow’s Book Chat: Series VS Stand Alone

All book lovers have preferences. Some prefer a certain genre to other genres. Some prefer a specific point of view over others. Some prefer to read books that come in a series over stand-alone. Most of us will read out of our comfort zone and dab into everything anyways.

Today I’d like to talk about book series and book stand-alone novels. They both have their benefits. I used to not see it that way. I used to only read books that were in a series. I was a horrible book snob. Once I fully embraced the book community and all that it had to offer, my point of view changed. I will always prefer book series to stand alone novels, but I do enjoy stand alone novels now.

Reading a book series has many advantages. To start with, you have more than one book in order to read all about the characters and their world. To me, book series are like television series. You get to digest a little part of the story with each book. You can even binge read a series if you’d like. I guess length of series does need to be taken into account. I personally don’t mind how long a series goes on as long as it stays consistent. If it’s obvious that the series has come to its end, please end it. Other than that, the series can have 50 books and I’m cool with it. I’m sure this is a pretty unpopular opinion.

Now, I’m not an expert at stand alone novels. I don’t really read much of them. I do read them though. I can say that the stories are amazing. I can see the point that there are some stories that are meant to be told, but not in a series. The point of the story can be wrapped up in one nice little book. I do wonder if some books can be broken down. The first book that comes to mind is Gone With The Wind. Would it have been better as a duology? Or is it good as it is? I see stand alone novels as a movie of sorts.

In the end, both book series and stand alone novels are to give us book lovers a story to love and gush over. They are meant to entertain us and tell us a story. In some cases, they are intended to tell us several stories. I just recently discovered book series that are a collection of stand-alone novels that take place in the same world. I thought I’d hate that, but it’s really refreshing.

What are your thoughts on both? What are your preferences? When do you feel an author should stop writing in a series? When do you feel a stand alone novel should be turned into a series? What are your thoughts on duologies and trilogies?

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3 thoughts on “Willow’s Book Chat: Series VS Stand Alone

  1. A friend of mine prefers stand-alones because she gets sucked in easily and knows if she ends up loving a book, she’s gonna read all volumes of it and if it’s 20+ vols she’ll be trapped in that rabbit hole for months lol. I am fine with either stand-alones or series and see them pretty much equally. Do have a bad habit of abandoning series even when I like them though, haha. ^^’

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