Featured Book: Blocked by Elise Faber

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I was surprisingly impressed with this book. I saw the cover and didn’t think I’d be impressed with it at all. In fact, I predicted it would be an absolute cringe fest. It wasn’t. I was very surprised about that. I do speak more about that in my review, which I’ve linked above.

I chose this as a featured book because it really stood out to me. And that’s why I chose to start this series. I want to showcase the books that I not only loved, but have stuck with me. Even if it only sticks with me for a little while.

I never knew until this book that I could love hockey romance. That came as a pleasant surprise to me. I find that as I continue my reading journey, I’m finding more and more genres I really don’t mind. I’m not bored with genres I’ve always loved. Just adding to them. I’ve just become a more well rounded reader.

I really do encourage anybody who hasn’t read this to at least check it out. Read the blurb. Maybe even try a chapter or two to see if it’s something you could get behind. It has many elements that are very powerful. Some of which are swept under the rug. I really enjoyed the pro-feminism in this book. It was very inspiring.

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