Nightworld Academy Term One by LJ Swallow Book Review

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Maeve finds herself expelled from school after making a drastic move to save a boy’s life. She’d seen his death in a vision. Her aunt volunteers to pay for her to go to a private academy that will help her with her “condition”. It doesn’t take long for Maeve to realize this isn’t a normal school and her visions aren’t hallucinations.

I really enjoyed the story. It was invigorating. It was like House of Night and Vampire Academy. There’s even a character that reminds me of Adrian from Vampire Academy. There’s a girl in here that makes Aphrodite look like a docile cat. It’s insane! I did have a few problems with this book though. Mainly the fact that I felt some scenes were rushed over when they should have been enhanced more. I also felt that focuses were placed where they shouldn’t be.

The characters. I really feel like Amelia should have played a bigger part in the book than she did. I’m also torn between admiring Maeve and getting really annoyed by her narrow-minded opinions. She is great, but she really needs to keep her opinions to herself and stop justifying her opinions without even listening to the other people.

The narrators weren’t really horrible, but they could have done a better job. I’ve listened to work from Sarah Colton before. I’m not sure I’ve listened to anything by Steve Campbell before. Either way, I like to keep an e-book companion with me. I may not follow super close, but I do follow. They changed the wording a bit in multiple places. I wouldn’t really mind that because it doesn’t change the story at all. However, they actually left off about a page of a chapter. I couldn’t overlook that.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. I do hope that Maeve has a personality change as the series continues. I don’t see her keeping friends if she keeps looking down on everybody for what they do in life. I really adore character transformations. They add value to a book series. I can’t wait to continue this series.

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