Hardcore Twenty-Four by Janet Evanovich Book Review

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This book was kind of different from the rest of the series. There were some books that took place between the series that involved Diesel but none of the actual series did. Until this one anyways. I was expecting him to be all over the story like he was the in-between novels. He wasn’t. That was disappointing. The book was pretty amazing though. I enjoyed it. The only thing I didn’t care for was that many points were kind of rushed through. Well, in my opinion anyway.

I always adore the characters in this series. Stephanie will always be just her usual pessimistic self. In a good way though. Lula is all about positivity and a thrill seeker. Grandma Maazur will always be a thrill seeker as well. She’s hilarious! Then you have the sexy Morelli who is pretty down to Earth with a touch of a wild side. And, my favorite, Ranger. The sexy business owner with a mysterious and dark past.

I really have enjoyed this series. I can’t believe I only have one left to read before the next one comes out. I thought I’d never catch up with this series. And yet here I am! It’s thrilling and exciting! I know that there are many people that probably want this series to end already. I can see why. I don’t mind it though. Evanovich can write as many as she wants. As long as she keeps the series hilarious and have me wanting more!

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